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We will help you and explain how will become indispensable for your karting races and much more.
Live results

You can see your results live after each race.
Click on your name and you will see statistics
on your race or practice session.

Live Ranking

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The ranking allows you to see your ranking
in comparison with other drivers.

Live statistics

You have access to your live stats.
Your regularity, ability to move
and much more


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Matching allows you to compare yourself
to other drivers with a lot of statistics.

Live Intermediate

Your intermediary during the qualifying heats
is updated as the races progress.
Find out beforehand if you are qualified.

Live meteo

A live meteo is available in order to find
the right tyre pressure and
the right carburetion setting.

Showcase Features & Benefits
You can use this section to put your features summary with short Description.
Result Connected

Our system is connected to the official websites.
We do the updates at the same time as the organizers.
So our ranking is updated as the official sport decisions are made.

Monthly update

We try to always bring you satisfaction.
That's why we make several updates to our application.

Data Collected

Available on app
Laps : 1 958 615
Runs : 6235
Races : 396
Meetings : 90
Penalities : 11323

But with each race the data increases

New Things

New features are currently being developed
for you to discover more statistics and much more.
So stay tuned 😉

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